Pima Cotton: Premium fiber for outstanding collections

Pima cotton is recognized worldwide for its high quality.

Peruvian Pima cotton has an extra-long 1.8 to 2-inch staple with premium properties such as durability, softness, and exceptional shine. The harvest is done by hand, preventing the fiber from being damaged and maintaining its length and

The cotton grown in Peru was used by pre-Inca civilizations that demonstrated knowledge, skills and sustainability for the production of textiles. Nowadays, ancestral techniques combined with modern garment-making techniques and
innovation are used to create high-quality products.

“Our commitment to consumers is to be responsible with water, the environment and our
people. In this sense, we will promote sustainable practices among Peruvian manufacturers”


That is why the vast experience of the Peruvian cotton industry, the ancient textile tradition, technological development and sustainable regulations for workers and the environment make more brands prefer Pima cotton. Franky & Ricky can offer efficient lead times, manufacturing and quality control standards for finely crafted garments that meet international standards of quality assurance, social responsibility, fair trade and transparency in the supply chain that benefits all value chain participants.


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