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In 1955

We started commercializing more highly elaborated products for the big Peruvian department stores. Additionally, we developed a sales force in every major city in Peru.


In 1994

We decided to prepare ourselves to move towards an exclusive market with products of high aggregate value, where product quality and good customer service is the main concern of the company. We focused on this customer oriented market segment, making our production process a lot more flexible, training all our personnel to provide good customer service, and improving feedback time.


We can proudly say that we are attending to an Exclusive Market with well-known international name brands in the United States, Europe and Latin America. Our main strength in realizing this achievement is our products and world class service with a focus on customer experience. Many years of sacrifice, hard work, and investment have achieved this purpose by obtaining a superior quality product, acknowledged by our competitors and customers worldwide.


On June 1949

Franky & Ricky was founded in Arequipa, Peru. It began operations with approximately 80 workers, who were in charge of the entire production process, manufacturing underwear and t-shirts.


In 1974

Our first export of T-shirts to Puerto Rico took place. It was successful and consolidated our first international customer. From this first experience, we made contact with other customers in various parts of the world, such as Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, England, Bermuda, and USA, thus building a solid export market, the result of great effort and dedication for several years.


Since 2000 -2010

Began a process of change when we embraced total quality as our lifestyle, training all our personnel in an integral way, developing our company vision and mission, and embracing Strategic Planning as our main management tool. As a result, we have professional and technical personnel, which constitutes a competitive advantage that is hard to match. We also have modern machinery, which led us in a technological leap forward for our knitting and dyeing plants, and we have highly competitive cutting and manufacturing plants as well after a re-engineering of their processes. We are vertically integrated.



“In a great place to work, we build sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and stakeholders, giving them value beyond their expectations.”





“Committed to our clients, we offer exclusive clothing garments with natural and unique fabrics to the world. We promote the growth of our people based on our Corporate Social Responsibility”.




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