Full service assistance

Since the beginning you will have an

specialized executive account who will support

all your inquiries and will keep you informed

throughout the whole process of your order.

Are you unclear how to start your collection?


We can give support in
defining your design

Sometimes it isn’t an easy task to pick
the right style, fabric, measures, sizes,

types of placket, vents, collars or

construction details.


Schedule a meeting

We would like to listen to you and meet
your specific needs and requirements.


F & R in action

Our experienced and qualified team will
suggest you the best options based on your needs.
Then, we will work on samples, Once
the sample is approved by you, we will
move onto the production.

How does it work?

Lead -

Lead Times

20 days - Prototype
45-60 days - Samples in correct colors and trims
90/115 days - Production

Minimums of quantity -

Minimum of Quantity MOQS

By Style - 1000 pcs
By Color - 300 pcs

Trims Development

Trims Development

Zippers & Pullers
Bags & Tags
Labels & Transfers
Leather and Oxford fabric applications

Regardless of what you have in mind, we will be more than happy to work with you.

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